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Pre surgery consultation

Specialist psychological assessment for those seeking cosmetic surgery. Ensuring positive outcomes after treatment in both health and emotional well-being.


You might be contemplating surgical interventions or alternative less invasive procedures and as part of this decision-making process, you may receive a recommendation to consult with a psychologist, or you might personally find it beneficial to seek psychological support. Integrating psychological assessment into surgical care can be of significant value. This process facilitates discussions around surgery within the context of your current concerns, aiding in treatment planning, and providing recommendations for post-operative care management."

Psychological consultation

What to expect

The Role of Psychology in Pre-surgery:


As a Clinical Psychologist working within the pre-surgery pathway, my role revolves around considering patients holistically. This involves delving into various aspects of your life, expectations, motivations, general well-being, and how the treatment might impact you. Collaborating closely with both you and the medical team, I aim to ensure that the treatment process is not only safe but also aligned with your individual needs and circumstances. Specifically, we aim to explore:

  • Whether surgery aligns with your desired outcomes.

  • Whether it is safe and suitable for you.

  • Whether the timing is optimal for undergoing the treatment.



During the assessment, we will delve into several key areas, including:

  • Your journey towards seeking treatment and your motivation.

  • Your expectations and understanding of the treatment, including potential risks and recovery periods.

  • Your mental health history and any current or past support systems.

  • Your body image, any appearance concerns you may have or have had and how these relate to past or current experiences and difficulties.

  • Any concerns you may have about the surgery and how you weighted up the pros and cons of the treatment.

  • Relevant background information, such as family dynamics and physical health.


Typically, the assessment involves one or two sessions lasting approximately 60 minutes each. These appointments are conducted online via video calls.

Post Assessment
Following our consultation, I will provide a summary report of our discussion to your surgeon. Additionally, we will explore the possibility of psychological/emotional support, should it be deemed advisable.



As part of the assessment process, you will be asked to complete questionnaires addressing mood, anxiety, and appearance distress beforehand. Your prompt completion of these questionnaires is essential in guiding our discussion during the appointment.


Therapeutic Support:

Therapy can prove beneficial for various aspects related to your treatment journey, including decision-making, appearance distress, anxiety, self-esteem, stress management, and adjustment to treatment phases. The possibility of psychological support will be something that we will explore together if we feel this could be beneficial for you. 

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