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Join our team as an Associate

As a private practice, we provide a professional and welcoming working space for qualified private psychologists and therapists who are already established, or who are new in the private work. 

We believe in creating a connected group practice of high quality therapists who can deliver a variety of therapeutic modalities for wellbeing in an environment of exceptional standards.

At the core of our practice lie the therapists and clients, and we are dedicated to providing a nurturing setting where therapists can cultivate and expand their practices, delivering top-notch well-being services to our clients.

What we offer:

Peer Supervision

  • Monthly team meeting and case-discussions

  • Peer support

Therapists Network

  • Relationship with a friendly and professional group of therapists

  • A chance to become part of a community

  • Networking with different professionals


  • Source of referrals (adults)

  • Opportunity to advertise your services on our website 


  • Invoices to patients and insurances will be done for you by our secretary

  • Business email

Health Insurances you work with:

Thank you

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